Born and raised in the urban Detroit Metropolitan area, Tim Kelly developed a keen aesthetic for industrial materials, design and fabrication processes which he uses today. Working in plastics, metals, resins and cement, his work welds industrial technology to man and his environment.


Tim recived his B.F.A in both Environmental and Industrial Design curriculums from Northern Michigan Univerity in Marquette MI. Upon graduation, he honed his design and fabrication skills through architectural / product model building and industrial design for corporations nationwide. At the same time Tim was busy satisfying fine arts commissions for functional and environmental sculpture in Northern Michigan and the midwest.


Today, Tim's work may be seen in galleries and private collections throughout North America. Taking industrial materials and fabrication processes that include: welding, mold-making, metalurgy and casting, Tim creates environmental sculpture, lawn art and custom furniture. Bridging the gap between function and beauty, his work embraces a techno-industrial aesthetic that is at once provocative and refreshing.